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Database Localization

Many modern applications are based on a database engine to retrieve various data. Such databases as Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL are used throughout the world to keep information about employees, financial data and all other sorts of data. As companies go with there software worldwide, they need to localize their applications. As most of the data in many applications is kept in database files, to localize application, you have to do database localization.

Database localization is a translation of database entries from one language to another. As most database engines dont provide tools for database localization and translating database manually is very time-consuming task, most people use specialized tools such as Lingobit Localizer. Lingobit Localizer helps to do database localization, i.e. translate database, for example from English to German or any other language.

Lingobit Localizer presents all localizable data in database on one screen, so that you can see all entries that you have to translate. You can instantly see how many entries you have translated and how many entries you have not. Report functionality helps keep project under control.

Database localization is not an easy task even with such tools as Lingobit Localizer, but at least it is a manageable task. Whats more, with Lingobit Localizer you can outsource translation to third-party translation company, and that translation company doesnt have to install database engine. With such monstrous databases as Oracle, it is a significant plus.

Lingobit Localizer works with any database that supports access via DAO or ODBC, so database localization can be done on any modern database. Bruce Hardy, from Johanson Translation, told us that he saved almost 60% of time and shortened time from 4 month to 2 month by using Lingobit Localizer.