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Game localization

Many game designers neglect localization of their games due to misleading assumption that localization is not necessary for games due to simple interface. This assumption appeared in early nineties when most game players were either located in English-speaking countries or knew English well-enough to operate computer with English interface. But what was true in early nineties is no longer true in twenty-first century.

Most computer and console users no longer speak passable English language. For only 8% of population English language is a mother tongue and 20-25% of World population knows basic English. While ten years ago only educated minority had access to computer, nowadays almost everyone in developed countries and most people in developing countries can afford computer and most of them dont speak English.

While most of game players are still in western countries and Japan, that situating is changing quickly. People, especially children, want to play their games in a local language with local specific. They no longer want to play with English dictionary in hand to understand missions objective. Even United States has a vocal Spanish-speaking minority, that want to play games in Spanish language and many major game producers began to release games in Spanish to US market. This is a trend that no one can ignore.

Now specialized tools that help with software localization appeared. One of those software localization packages is a Lingobit Localizer. Lingobit Localizer helps companies release their software in multiple languages reducing localization time and saving money in a process. With Lingobit Localizer game developers can assess progress of localization, control both outside and in-house translators and release game in multiple language at the same time.

Game localization used to be very difficult to do and took a lot of time. Not so nowadays. With Lingobit Localizer, which save time and efforts necessary for localization, companies can translate their game titles without too much hassle.