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Localization jobs

Localization market is expanding at a rapid pace now, and a lot of jobs are created in localization every day. Those jobs can be divided into several broad categories - translators, software localization engineers and localization project coordinators. In real market you will find much broader multitude of jobs description, but more or less they all fall into those three categories.

Works of translators who have localization jobs are quite different from translators who perform traditional translations of document. Localization translators don't have large number of words to translate, but they have to translate those words more precisely. Often translated and original text should have the same number of characters due to length limitation in user interface, especially in dialogs. Pay in localization translators job is generally better than in broad market, but translators traditionally are more professional.

Most of localization engineers are former computer programmers, and often their native tongue is not English. Usually people became software localization engineers when the boss ask them whether they speak, for example Spanish, if yes, could they translate that application for new large client south the border. Computer programmer overcomes hurdles of translating application, then comes new client and hey, they are full-time in localization job.

Localization project coordinator is a very important job. If you have to translate large software product into several languages, without person who controls it, the project would go sour. Localization project coordinator job is a managerial job usually with good perks. In most software companies this is C*O job due to the importance of global market.

Localization jobs are very important for every organization. Localization job usually have a good pay, so you should consider entering them, because future is not far away.