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MFC Localization

MFC localization is very difficult if you use standard Microsoft way for several reasons, one of them is that Microsoft did not think about localization when they designed MFC in the first place. Of cause you can localize MFC applications, but if you need to translate it to several languages, you encounter a lot of problems.

Microsoft Visual C++ doesnt have good translation environment that you can think of. You can translate only in text editor and that is very cumbersome, so you should better think of another way. On every update of your application, you would have to start from the ground up because there is no change control. So after change of only one string, you have to rewrite whole file. This is hardly encouraging. Also resource editor in Visual C++ have problems with Unicode characters, so you would encounter problems with that too.

Much better way is to use Lingobit Localizer. Lingobit Localizer is integrated translation environment which natively uses Unicode character set, so that you can translate your application into Japanese on English version of Windows 2000/XP. I think that is significant advantage.

There are some competitors to Lingobit Localizer, but they are inferior in quality and cost a small fortune, so I can recommend Lingobit Localizer without any hesitation. You can buy Lingobit Localizer at Lingobit Localizer is an ideal tool for software localization, especially for localization of MFC application. MFC localization is very easy with Lingobit Localizer due to visual dialog editors, and other very useful tools. So Lingobit Localizer is a safe choice if you need localization of MFC applications