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Multilingual Software

Modern software market is truly global. For most large software companies less than 40% revenue comes from North America and English speaking countries. While most early computer users spoke English, or at least technical English, nowadays most users dont know English and they expect software program to speak their language. So it is really necessary to write multilingual software to speak with customer on his/her language.

Writing multilingual software has never been easy. Translating user interface is only half of the task. You have to remember about many different things, such as time/date format, money symbol and a lot of other things. But even translation interface used to be very difficult task because most programming environments lack usable tools for it. For example, in Visual C++ to create multilingual software you have to manually translate *.rc file and then after every change to resources, you have to manually retranslate *.rc file. Even languages that were designed with creating multilingual software in mind, such as Java and .NET, there were no built-in tools for translation.

But with the advent of software localization tools, such as Lingobit Localizer, translation of software applications became much easier to do. Lingobit Localizer presents user with translatable data in one screen where translator can easily see progress of translation efforts. Whats more, translator of multilingual software can be controlled by project coordinator by using sophisticated report functionality.

Creating multilingual software using Lingobit Localizer usually means no changes to source code, and that is clear advantage. For example, for translation of Win32 files, Lingobit Localizer is able to translate binary files directly, without interfering with source code or resource files. So to build multilingual version of you software you need to ship translator only binary file. This helps keep source code in-house and mitigate risk of dissemination of source code.

So as you see, using Lingobit Localizer for building multilingual application (also called multilingual software) you can significantly reduce efforts necessary for it. Multilingual software is easy is a motto of Lingobit Technologies.