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Software localization tool

Software localization tool is a software program that helps companies make their software or hardware multilingual. Most software development tools dont include helpful localization framework, that can help to localize software. There are many reasons for this, most of them are historical - localization has traditionally been afterthought. Companies tried to introduce their software to home market first, and only after that began to think about global market.

This situation led to serious problem, because if global market is not taken into consideration during designing and development phase, localization becomes much more expensive. Many things are done differently in different markets. For example, in Europe in date first number is day, not month as in United States. These implications often lead to confusion and often disaffection with software.

The most difficult task after globalizing software is localization. Traditionally it has been the most difficult task, but nowadays special software localization tool appeared, that significantly simplifies this task. Lingobit Localizer is a breakthrough in software localization market. It helps companies go global by saving both time and money in localization efforts.

Lingobit Localizer, a most functional software localization tool, works by combining all localizable resources in one tree-view structure. Translator can see all strings, dialogs and other resources that he needs to translate. With Lingobit Localizer it is possible to assess project progress and view all untranslated string on one screen.

Additionally, Lingobit Localizer has many useful tricks for c++ localization that notably reduce localization time. This software localization tool helps with such tasks as checking translated string against set of rules (for example, Lingobit Localizer shows that C++ format string is translated incorrectly).

Lingobit Localizer, a visual software localization tool, provides user with editor for common types of resources, such as win32 dialogs, .net forms and many others. .Net localization editor is especially helpful for creation of .net resource files.

In conclusion, I want to say, that it is clearly possible to create localized version of your application without software localization tool, such as Lingobit Localizer, but it would take much more time, and remember that time is money.