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Translation and localization company

Lingobit Technologies is a translation and localization company dedicated to serving customers. We provide them with the best tools to perform their task. Our award-winning localization suite, Lingobit Localizer, helps our customers save money by reducing time necessary to develop localization application.

Lingobit Localizer is a software product, designed by translation and localization company, that helps our customers translate their application from one language to another, in another work to localize software application. Lingobit Localizer supports localization of Win32 (Visual C++/MFC), .Net and Java applications and translation of xml files. With Lingobit Localizer you can reduce time necessary to localizer application by more than 70%.

Currently we dont have much competition in translation and localization from the market in terms of value-for-money. Our competitors such as Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo and Multilizer, has a much higher price tag and dont have as many features as we have. In terms of functionality Lingobit Localizer is a clear winner, without any compromise.

Our features, that helps reduce localization time for translation and localization companies, includes Validation Expert, Pseudo-Translate and Crash Finder. Validation Expert helps find bugs early in localization cycle by checking translated string against original for common type of mistakes, such as incorrect translation of format strings. Pseudo-Translate Expert helps perform localizability test, to insure that application is ready for localization. This is very important if application was not designed with international market in mind, as often happens with application that go to translation and localization companies.

Lingobit Technologies has deep experience dealing with translation and localization companies. It helps us solve customers problems quickly and with high quality. If you use Lingobit Localizer you can be assured of high quality of localization.