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Web site localization

Web site localization is a process of adapting web site to local conditions. Usually it means not only translation web site content, but also changing such subtle details as date and money format, time zone and so on. The trickiest part in web site localization is usually localization of navigation elements such as dynamic menus, but this is one-time task. Updating site so that localized content conforms to original one is the most tedious task and most CMS system fail to do it properly.

Most CMS system only recently began to take into account web site localization needs. Several years ago such systems as Documentum or Vignette started to offer basic modules that facilitate translation. Standard technologies such as XML, XSLT, CSS also simplify process of web site localization by unifying translatable elements and for all future web development we would recommend to consider XML as a data storage medium.

So if files on your web site are in XML format, Lingobit Localizer can significantly help you with web site localization. This application is able to present XML-based files in a translation environment that enable translator to localize files much faster than in text editor. Clearly Lingobit Localizer power in translating XML for web site localization surpasses built-in functionality of off-the-shelf CMS.

Lingobit Localizer presents translator with such productivity improvement tools as Translation Memory expert, support for updating translated file if original file has changed, and many other fascinating abilities. I want to pay special attention to Translation Memory functionality in Lingobit Localizer, which drastically improves translators efficiency in web site localization.

Translation Memory in Lingobit Localizer helps companies leverage their previous work by utilizing translation in other parts of the web site or even in localization of software products. Fuzzy matching in Lingobit Localizer helps translate sentences similar to translated earlier, thus saving translators time. Translation Memory in Lingobit Localizer is based on standard-driven TMX format, so there is no vendor lock-in.

Other functionality of Lingobit Localizer also helps companies and individual translators save time and money on web site localization without sacrificing quality. I would strongly recommend Lingobit Localizer for web site localization.