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Software Localization Faster - Localizer 5.2 is released

New Lingobit Localizer introduces groundbreaking enhancements to accelerate software localization

New York – August 28, 2007: Lingobit Technologies today announces the latest version of its software localization tool for Windows, Lingobit Localizer 5.2. The new version will help developers to collaborate with translators easier and faster.

“Lingobit Localizer 5.2 makes software localization easier,” says Michael Trent, marketing manager at Lingobit Technologies. “The new version works faster than earlier releases. In some cases, it runs 2-6 times quicker than before, which will obviously appeal to our customers. Besides, Lingobit Localizer 5.2 eliminates the hassle of sending large project files to translators by email, because the project file now is about five times smaller than before.”

Other important features in Lingobit Localizer 5.2 include an opportunity to localize .NET Compact Framework and .NET Framework 64-bit applications, localization of Message Tables resources (RT_MESSAGETABLE), support for strong named signed assemblies.

Lingobit Technologies also strengthens its commitment to Windows CE localization by introducing many enhancements for it. For example, the latest version has an improved dialog editor and can localize strings that contain empty symbols ('\0').

These and the other features included in Lingobit Localizer help developers to simplify the complex process of software localization and enter new markets quicker.