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New Lingobit Localizer 5.3 is released

Power Localization of Software, Websites and Help Systems with Lingobit’s Enhanced Software Localization Tool

Lingobit Technologies today announces the availability of Lingobit Localizer 5.3, a one-stop localization solution that enables development teams to localize their software applications, websites and Help documentation in a fraction of time it usually takes. By providing a single interface and productivity tools, such as automated QA, validation expert, translation memory, Lingobit Localizer lets developers reduce costs related to preparation, fulfillment and updating of the translation and helps the developers to have a faster, more convenient method by which to interact with the translators.

The newest version introduces the unprecedented number of changes. For example, the program now supports five new formats and can be used to localize not only applications, but also Help systems, websites, and applications with a complex file structure. With its new capability to localize HTML files, Lingobit Localizer has more opportunities for localization of web applications and websites and its support for HTML (.chm) Help files makes it the only one of a kind for localization of a software program together with its documentation, Help systems and webpages. Introducing support for Delphi .NET and MFC/.Net mixed, the product has become compatible with all the major platforms for software development for Windows.

New to version 5.3 is easy localization of HTML and XML resources contained in Win32/MFC executables. Now such resources are parsed automatically. Finally, there has been added a capability to localize folders with any kind of files, which makes Lingobit Localizer an indispensable tool for localization of web applications that have many files.

With the addition of HTML, CHM localization and support for Delphi .NET and MFC/.Net mixed applications, Lingobit Technologies now provide a truly one-stop solution for localization of everything – applications, websites, documentation.