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Foreign language localization

Foreign language localization is a process of adapting something to a condition in a foreign country. Though you can localize car or radio, most people think about software localization. Foreign language localization of software is a process of adopting software to suite customers in other country. Before the advent of software localization tools, localization was very difficult task and only large software companies could afford one. But several years ago Lingobit Localizer, the best software foreign language localization tool, appeared. With Lingobit Localizer tasks that used to take more than several programmer-month, take only days.

Lingobit Localizer uses revolutionary approach to software localization by localizing binary executable files directly. This method has several advantages, namely localization without source code and that all localizable resources are in one file. Utilizing binary translation, foreign language localization can be done by outside translator without sources code, so that you trade secrets are not disseminated to your competitors or enemies. Also translator doesnt have to have computer programmer abilities, because Lingobit Localizers interface is very intuitive.

When you localize resource files, in a large application you have to deal with hundreds if not thousands of different files. Managing them is a nightmare for localization engineer. On the other hand, in foreign language localization with Lingobit Localizer, you have only one project to work with, all translatable entries are in single table, so you could easily see how much you have translated and how many strings are untranslated. What's more, Lingobit Localizer has advanced report functionality with more than 10 different reports, so that foreign language localization project progress is always under control.

If you want to be in software market, you have to adapt to global market. There are no safe heavens without global competition, and if you dont go global, you will be eaten by international rivalry. Only 30%-40% of global software market is in English speaking countries, and ROI for localization is exceptional. Usually foreign language localization cost only 10% of development budget and brings more than half of all revenues. Don't miss on that opportunity.

Lingobit Localizer, a leader in foreign language localization, is a necessary tool for every software company, large and small. Functionality, easy of use and reasonable price is hallmark of Lingobit Localizer. Save both time and money with Lingobit Localizer and go global.