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Multilizer Review

Multizer is a software localization solution for Windows, .NET and Java application. Multilizer was written more than four years ago in Delphi. Multilizer is based in Finland, not far from Helskinki, in Espoo. Multilizer is backed by venture capital firm from Sweden.

Multilizer has usable program interface with text-table similar to Excel in the main place. You can translate items in this table. Editor in Multilizer is quite funny - sometimes when editing cell, it randomly jumps one row up or down. I was not able to detect what causes such behavior.

Multilizer has supports for translation memory, but this support is not completely adequate. Translation memory in Multilizer should be called support for terminology, because you can not translate part of sentences and so on. Also it has only one flag for automatically translated stringsAuto, without distinction for strings with full match from translation memory and partial match. In my opinion, it makes fuzzy match facility completely useless.

Support of Win32 format (application written in Visual C++/MFC and some other compilers) is sparse. For example, edition of custom resources is very difficult for several reasons, one of them is that Multilizer doesnt support external application. Visual editor of dialogs is not very good, and sometimes show dialogs incorrectly.

.NET localization is the worse of all in Multilizer because it parser .Net resource file using it is own parser, not using standard Microsoft resource parser. Often it leads to difficult to find out mistakes that appear only in when debugging translated application.

In conclusion, I want to say, that Multilizer can be used for software localization of Java application, but not for localization of Win32 and .NET programs. There several competitor program, namely SLDInsight, Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo, but from all of that I would recommend Lingobit Localizer, truly best localization solution.