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Translation localization

Translation and localization is very important activity for every organization. As business becomes global, you can no longer produce software products for only one market, even if this market is very large. You competitors will go global, and, leveraging larger sales, they will outperform you. So you should think about translation localization very seriously.

Translation localization has traditionally been diminished to serving role if you compare it with other activities in organization. It had not been taken into account before development of new products or services. But this is changing with every passing year. Management begin to understand importance of localization translation and localization translation activities become included in business processes.

If you organization does not have a head of localization or global operation with broad privileges you should consider creating one, because it will help you become global company. And Lingobit Technologies is ready to help you with software localization. Software localization is an activity of adapting software product to local market. It is not only translation of user interface or documentation, it is much more difficult and interesting process.

Speaking plainly, Lingobit Localizer is a software product that helps software companies go global. If you previously thought about localization, but decided that it was too expensive, think again. Lingobit Localizer significantly reduces price of localization and, what's more, make it much shorter process. Also Lingobit Localizer improves your capabilities to outsource translation localization services. Before Lingobit, you have to ship entire source code to translation localization company, but now you can ship them only executable code. Binary localization is a way of future.

Translation localization is clearly should be adopted by every company. Of cause there are some niche companies that should not go global, such as US notary services, or other similar non global activities, but most companies should embrace translation localization.