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How to extract Delphi hard-coded strings from source code to resources

How to extract Delphi hardcoded strings to resourcesLingobit Extractor is a straightforward tool to extract hard-coded strings from Delphi and Pascal applications. It allows you to use two approaches to store resource strings:

  • Using Delphi Resource String Unit (recommended)
  • Using Windows Resource Script (.RC) files

When you are using first approach, all strings are replaced with a name of variable, that will be extracted into resource unit. Resource unit uses ResourceString keyword that tells Delphi compiler to store strings into resource file.

Unit AppResources;
  String1 = 'Hello!';

Second approach allows you to extract string directly to RC file.

Step by Step

  1. Create Extractor project
  2. Add source code files into Extractor project
  3. Review hard-coded string list and select which strings should be extracted and which should be skipped.
  4. Save all files