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Premium Support subscription

Premium Support subscription gives you access to:

  • Priority support
  • Free upgrade

Priority support

Priority support works in much the same way that priority check-in does for an airline - users receive special treatment and join the priority queue rather than the regular queue.

While we can't guarantee response times (please keep in mind that there may be other Pro users ahead of you in the support queue), we'll endeavor to respond as quickly as we can. Limited after hours and weekend/holiday support is also provided to insulate critical project deliveries, but not on a guaranteed basis.

Free upgrade

While all our products come with one-year of free upgrade, Premium Support ensures that you are eligible to receive an upgrade at any time during subscription period.


Premium Support
Monthly Price

Lingobit Premium Support
You can subscribe Premium Support only during the process of purchasing Lingobit products.

$49 USD
€34 EUR