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Single User Licenses

Lingobit Localizer Enterprise + 1 Year Product Upgrade
Most comprehensive localization tool.
Product ID: 300439501 Compare Editions


Lingobit Localizer Professional + 1 Year Product Upgrade
For mid-size localization projects.
Product ID: 300439503 Compare Editions


Lingobit Localizer Standard + 1 Year Product Upgrade
For small projects
Product ID: 300439504 Compare Editions



Lingobit Extractor + 1 Year Product Upgrade
Extracts hardcoded strings from source-code to resources
Product ID: 300439505 Overview


One single user license may be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or it may be installed on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by more than one person, but not both.

Multi User Licenses

Lingobit Localizer Company License
+ 1 Year Product Upgrade
Mutli-user license for Enterprise Edition
Product ID: 300439526


Lingobit Extractor Company License
+ 1 Year Product Upgrade 
Product ID: 300339604


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One multi user license may be used by any number of persons from a single organization, or by any number of persons working on localization of a single product.

Includes 1 Year Product Maintenance and Renewal

You will have access to all new product releases and product updates that are released during your Upgrade period

Competitive Upgrade

If you use competitive product, you can upgrade to the easiest, most powerful software localization solution and take advantage of great savings. Switch to Lingobit Localizer and save $250/€200 on a new license.

Special competitive upgrade prices are available for a limited time, so order today! Please, contact us at for more information.

Educational Discount

We offer 40% discount to students. Lingobit Localizer can be used for free for localization classes (education use only). Please, contact us at and ask for details.

Phone Orders

You can place a credit card order over the phone by calling the following numbers:
1-800-406-4966 for US and Canadian customers.
+49-221-310-88-30 for customers from all other countries.

Before placing the order, please make sure you know the Product ID (see the table above). Please note that these numbers are for orders ONLY.

Purchase Orders

POs are processed by our partner, Digital River. Please follow this checklist if ordering by PO:

  • One of the following addresses should appear on the PO as the vendor for this purchase:

    Customer service USA
    (Language: English)

    c/o Digital River, Inc.
    10380 Bren Road West
    Minnetonka, MN 55343, USA

    Phone: +1 952 646-5747 (for calls from outside the U.S.) or +1 800 903-4152 (for calls within the U.S.)
    Fax: +1 952 646-4552


    Customer service Germany
    (Languages: German/English/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese)

    Share-it - Digital River GmbH
    c/o Digital River Ireland Ltd.
    Unit 153
    Shannon Free Zone West
    Shannon Co. Clare

    Phone: +49 221 31088-20
    Fax: +49 221 31088-29


  • You can fax your order or submit it by postal mail to the fax number / address listed above. US and Canadian customers: please use the US address, all other customers can choose either one.
  • Please use your company's official purchase order form, or letterhead to submit the purchase order.
  • Include your company's mailing address as well as billing address.
  • Please be sure that the PO is signed by an authorized purchasing agent for your company.
  • Please give a name for the point of contact. Include all pertinent telephone numbers, both voice and fax.
  • Most importantly, please include the email address of the person you would like to have the registration information emailed to.
  • Please include the Product ID number as well as the cost of the product.

You can find detailed instructions at ShareIt! website