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Lingobit Localizer
Software localization tool  

Lingobit Localizer

Lingobit Localizer is the easiest to use software localization tool, aimed to make collaboration with translators smooth and efficient.

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Make Complex

Lingobit Localizer provides ideal environment for effective interaction among managers, translators and testers.
Make Difficult

From now on, no source-code is required and all technical details are hidden behind intuitive and easy to learn interface.
Make Boring

State of the art automatic tools for QA, translation reuse and project management guarantee high productivity and outstanding quality.

How it works

Lingobit Localizer software localization tool extracts localizable resources from your application and makes it easy to translate, check and preview translation. When translation is ready Localizer creates localized version of your application. No source code changing is required. Localization Getting Started demo Software Localization Getting started

Software localization can be done in-house or delegated to another company. In the latter case, translation tasks are distributed via self-extracting localization kits with a project file (no source-code) and a ?lite? edition of Localizer for translators. Localization with Translators demo Software Localization Getting started

When you release new version of your software, Lingobit localization tool automatically merges old translations with resources from the next version and you'll only need to translate new and changed content. Translation Re-use demo Software Localization Getting started

Start using Lingobit Localizer Software Localization Tool today and you'll save a lot of time and effort.


Lingobit Localizer is a perfect software localization tool that supports localization of several development platforms allowing translator to change text, position and other localizable parameters.

Binary and executable files

Source Code

Text-based files

XML-based files

  • XML localization
  • Silverlight XAP
  • ResX
  • XAML
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • XSL
  • XML Schema
  • Apple XIB
  • Customizable XML



Database Localization

Key Features Localization features

Lingobit Software Localization Tool simplifies communication and workflow throughout the entire localization process by offering users a unified interface and productivity tools, such as Automated QA, Validation Expert, Translation Memory, etc. Lingobit?s project monitoring tools give a localization manager the ability to see what is going on at each stage of the localization process, which ensures accountability, gives clarity and control to efficiently manage localization across several steps.

Localization Benefits Localization benefits

Other information

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