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Software localization tools: an important means for software translation

Globalization: The new economic strategy

Localization and market extension

Translation Memory

Software Translation

Lingobit Localizer Help

Application Localization in MFC

Using Microsoft Terminology for software localization

Software Localization Platforms

MFC/Win32/Win64 localization

Delphi localization

.NET Framework 32/64/Compact localization

WPF localization

Database localization

Java localization

XML localization

HTML localization

HTML Help localization

Ini-file localization


C++ Localization

Globalization .Net

Localization Jobs

MFC Localization

Multilingual Software

Multilizer Review

.Net Localization

SDLInsight Review


Software Localization Services

Software Localization Tool

Translation and Localization Company

Translation Localization

Web Site Localization

Foreign language localization

Software Internationalization

Usage of Lingobit Localizer for localization

Database Localization


Game Localization

What is better: Lingobit Localizer or Multilizer?

Large-scale localization project

Localizability Testing