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HTML, PHP, ASP and eRuby Localization

Lingobit Localizer software localization tool provides powerful capabilities for HTML localization. It extracts localizable information from your HTML files and allows you to translate it using WYSIWYG visual editor. It prevents translator from changing undesired HTML code and hides all technical details.  

Localizing PHP, eRuby and ASP files

Lingobit Localizer is specially adapted for PHP, eRuby and ASP files localization. It filters out all code hiding all technical details from translator. The file is previewed like an ordinary HTML file.

Formatting tags

It is much easier to translate text leaving all formatting behind, but in case of HTML localization, it is nearly impossible, because generally you have to change formatting while translating text.

Usually there are a lot of formatting tags used in HTML files. It is common to mark some words in a sentence with bold or italic style.

I’m sure, that Localizer is a great HTML localization tool for you.

Tags break your sentence into several parts: “I’m sure, that”, “Localizer”, “is”, “a great HTML localization tool” and “for you”. If you translate these isolated parts, you’ll hardly get any proper translation for the sentence. To solve the problem Lingobit Localizer uses single translation entry for the whole sentence:

I’m sure, that <b>Localizer<b> is <i>a great HTML localization tool</i> for you.

There are a lot of languages that uses different consecution than the one used in English. That’s why Lingobit Localizer allows you to change tag sequence or even remove some tags in translation. Here is what we get in Russian, where tags order is changed:

Я уверен, что <i>отличным инструментом для локализации</i> HTML является <b>Localizer</b>.

Parse attributes

You can configure HTML parser to select which attributes should be parsed. You can add parsing rules using Add button. Here are some samples of parsing rules.

Parse ALT attribute for IMG tags


Parse META.CONTENT attribute, if META.NAME attribute is "title" or "description"


Parse TITLE attribute of any tag if it class is not "HIDDEN"


Visual Preview

Visual editing is very important for HTML localization, because web pages always used to have very complicated structure.

Lingobit Localizer provides you with visual editor for HTML files localization. It automatically updates preview for translation allowing translator to see translated page immediately. Furthermore, Localizer synchronizes selection between translation table and preview. You can also use HTML source preview that will show original code of a page.

Scan for Changes

If original HTML file is changed, Lingobit Localizer synchronizes translations from previous version, and only new and changed content require translation.