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Localization of Win32/MFC, .NET, Delphi executables and Java Property Files

Localizing MFC applicationLingobit Localizer localization tool supports binary localization of Win32/MFC, .NET and Delphi applications. That means that you do not need to change source code or recompile your application to get translated version.

Translation Re-use

Leverage translated elementsWhen you release new version of your software, you need to translate only new or changed content. Read more...

Automatic QA

Validation can check the spelling (over 80 languages) and automatic recognize common translation problems like truncated or overlapping text, incorrect allocation of shortcuts, accelerators and access keys and many other. Furthermore, Lingobit sofware localization tool can automatically fix most of these errors.

Exchange Wizard

Exchange Wizard ensures effortless collaboration among managers, translators and QA team. Free Lingobit Translator edition radically reduces license fees and prevents translator from unintentionally changing non-localizable or protected resources.

Visual Editor

Visual dialog editorVisual editor lets you see and edit dialogs and forms during translation. Layout manager helps you adapt controls to fit translated text.

Translation Memory

Translation memory means that you would never translate the same string twice because you can reuse translations from other localization projects. Translation Memory in Lingobit Localizer software localization tool is able to import from and export to TMX and CSV formats for easy exchange of information with other applications. You can also download free translation memory. More info...


Terminology is a collection of term that are used in your software. It allows to ensure translation consistency across the project and documentation. You can create terminology for your project or download existing. More info...

Pseudo-Translate & Crash Finder

Pseudo translate for localizability testingUse Pseudo-Translate to check whether your application is ready for localization. Crash Finder helps you to locate translations causing errors.

Command-line interface

You can easily integrate Lingobit Localizer into your build process using command line interface.

Build multilingual, monolingual or resource-only DLL files

Lingobit Localizer Software Localization Tool supports all common methods of localization.

All languages in a single translation project

You can have as many languages as you like in one project. Lingobit Localizer supports all languages supported by Windows, .NET and Java platforms.

Statuses, Reports, Statistics, Filters

Translation statisticsProject reports and statistics help to estimate translation cost and track localization progress. Statuses allow you to control translation state of each element.

Multilingual Rebranding

Mutlingual rebranding allows you to create several localized brands from your product.

What's new in v9.0

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