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"It has been some time since I last visited your site and I was amazed at
what you offer.
I have gone in the wrong direction for the past six month and lost a great
deal of money in business ventures, I regret I didn't fully investigate
Lingobit Localizer before."
-- Frances Laner (2/13/2004)

"Earlier during this year I bought the Lingobit Localizer. First, let me
tell you that I am very satisfied and very happy with it. Indeed, I think
this is the best localization software on the market, no doubts.
-- Sergio Raimond (04/27/2004)

"I have never thought that localization of our product can be done so easily. Congratulations."
-- Mark Barns (05/20/2004)

"Great product - after the trial I went immmediately to the web site to buy!"
-- Toby Smith

"Thank you very much and congratulations once again for the wonderful products!"
-- Gabriel Jarvis

"Thank you for your great products!"
-- Michael Schierz

"In the first 20 minutes of use Lingobit Localizer we already know how to localize our software. Thank you for the good software, very well done and fun to use."
-- Yannick Trent

"Fantastic Lifesaver. Would recommend it to any developer."
-- Garrett Jenkins

"Please let me comment that your support is absolutely first class - extremely fast responses and excellent service. If only all other vendors were the licensing would be easy! (dream on!) "
-- David Shuman

"First of all, I just want to say that I really like the product. It's intuitive, fairly complete and gives you the flexibility to perform custom actions not included"
-- Mike Stavitsky

"Many thanks, great service from your guys as always. I do keep recommending your products to people."
-- Tom Davis

"I'm a tech writer who has been asked to wear a localization hat, too. I installed Lingobit Localizer today and would like to share one of my first impressions: The Help is EXTREMELY well written. It's so well written that reading the Help has not only erased my trepidation, it has me chomping at the bit to get started! You have a great product with great documentation!"
-- Jordan Trant

Simplified Chinese L10N for a Windows application (MFC) by Yannick Wattiau