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Ini Localization

Ini localization is very common task because many applications use ini-files to store localizable information. But it could be very difficult to manage ini localization, if you don’t use Lingobit Localizer.

Lingobit software localizaiton tool extracts localizable information from ini file and presents all items in the single table. Translator is able to change only values, so you file structure will remain correct after translation. Furthermore, using Lock status you can control which items should be translated and which not.

You don’t need to worry about INI file encoding. Lingobit Localizer automatically selects output encoding according to target language.

All duplicated strings could be translated automatically in whole your project, so you don't need to process each file separately. If you change original file after ini localization, Localizer will automatically synchronize all translations. So only new and change strings require translation.

Furthermore, Lingobit software localization tool shows preview for localized ini, which could be very useful for large files. It automatically synchronizes selection between preview and table, so you’ll always know what item you are translating at the moment.

ini localization