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Worldwide Launch of Lingobit Localizer 2.2 - Localization Solution for Windows

Lingobit Technologies sets a new standard for localization technologies

New York, NY. July 17, 2004 - Lingobit Technology has released Lingobit Localizer 2.2, a full-featured localization and internationalization solution for both large and small software projects, designed so that it radically simplifies the way in which a project is localized - from inception to completion.

Lingobit Localizer helps translate MFC, Win32, Java or .NET applications into other languages and simplifies all stages of international software development and includes such powerful features as translation reuse, validation expert, pseudo-translate expert and statistic expert.

It supports wide range of formats such as Win32 Binary (*.exe, *.dll), .NET Resource files, Java properties files and XML files. Lingobit Localizer presents localizable resources in an easy to translate form and leverages on your work when you release next version of an already localized program.

One of new features is Validation Expert which helps ensure quality of localization. It identifies many common mistakes such as inconsistent format strings, duplicate hotkeys, missing periods and many others. Validation Expert significantly speed up quality assurance phase.

Statistics Expert helps evaluate software localization progress and pinpoint trouble spots. It shows which parts of project are behind schedule and which one are on time. This comprehensive and easy to understand tool indicates what's been translated, how thoroughly and if translations have been verified once changes has been made.

With its flexible status, filtration and search techniques that help manage projects with large numbers of files and resources, Lingobit Localizer is a perfect tool for software localization. Usage of Lingobit Localizer leads to breakthrough improvements in localization quality and time-to-market.

About Lingobit Technologies

Lingobit Technologies is an Independent Software Vendor intended to provide first-class software for the localization industry. Our flagship product is Lingobit Localizer, a software localization and translation suite, designed to help software companies to reach the global marketplace. Lingobit Localizer significantly decreases localization costs and makes software localization affordable even to small software companies.

Contact Information

Samuel Moore
Lingobit Technologies
Tel: 206 - 309-5258