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Lingobit Technologies Releases New Version of Localization Software

New York, NY, November 8, 2004 – Promising improved capabilities, Lingobit Technologies has announced the release of Lingobit Localizer 3.5, a full-featured localization and internationalization solution for both large and small software projects. This powerful localization software empowers users with all the necessary tools to create multilingual applications.

“Lingobit Localizer is designed so that it radically simplifies the way in which a project is localized – from inception to completion,” says Samuel Moore, the company's CEO.

The software helps translate MFC, Win32, Java or .NET applications into other languages and simplifies all stages of international software development by utilizing powerful features, such as translation reuse, validation expert, pseudo-translation expert and statistic expert.

New features in the latest version include Exchange Wizard and Translation Memory. Designed to significantly simply data exchange between project coordinator and translators, Exchange Wizard can pinpoint the strings users want translated, create a self-installed package and send it to the translator.

“Lingobit Localizer is very user friendly, so the translator can begin actual work almost immediately,” Moore explains. “He can translate the strings, send the package back, and the project integrator seamlessly integrates the newly translated strings to the main project.”

The Translation Memory feature makes it possible for Lingobit Localizer to utilize previous work; therefore, users only need to translate new strings and resources.

Another feature, Validation Expert, helps ensure the quality of localization and speeds up the quality assurance phase by identifying common mistakes, such as inconsistent format strings, duplicate hotkeys and missing periods, among others.

“With its flexible status, filtration and search techniques that help manage projects with large numbers of files and resources, Lingobit Localizer is a perfect tool for software localization,” Moore asserts. “Usage of Lingobit Localizer leads to breakthrough improvements in localization quality and shortens time to market.”

Based in New York, Lingobit Technologies is an independent software vendor, whose flagship product is Lingobit Localizer. This software significantly decreases localization costs, making software localization affordable even to small companies.

Samuel Moore
Lingobit Technologies