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Lingobit Technologies Releases New & Improved Version of Localization Software

Groundbreaking System Delivers Fastest Route to High-Quality Localization

New York, NY - December 10, 2004 - Lingobit Technologies, the world's leading provider of localization software, today announced the launch of Lingobit Localizer 3.5. This updated version of the company's flagship product is a full-featured localization and internationalization solution that is designed to radically simplify the way in which a project is localized. New key features include Crash Finder, command line interface and import/export support for a broad range of translation memory formats.

Crash Finder is an industry-leading localization testing technology that significantly reduces the required effort in finding crash-inducing strings in localized applications. This Lingobit software enhancement automates the string location process, thereby cutting down on the number of localization problems. Tom Jenkins, Lingobit Technologies' product manager, sums up Crash Finder's benefits in this way: “Tasks that previously took hours, or even days, can now be accomplished in several clicks.”

Task streamlining, however, isn't the only advantage Lingobit Localizer 3.5 affords its users. By making use of the software's new command-line line interface, Lingobit customers are able to integrate localization into their scripted building process. This capability allows for testing of internationalization and localizability issues early on in the development cycle. As a result, impending dilemmas can now be addressed before they turn into major problems.

Brian Darrell, Localization Manager at UGS, a leading global provider of product lifecycle management software and services, is already seeing positive results from the new software version. “We are very pleased with Lingobit Localizer's new features,” he said. “With Lingobit Localizer, we were able to leverage existing translations that were made in previous projects.”

By the end of 2005, International Online Marketing from Global Research anticipates that 68 percent of the world's purchasing power and 92 percent of potential customers will not speak English as their native language. By assisting them in catering to this growing market segment, Lingobit Technologies' Localizer 3.5 helps businesses stay on track to continued growth and success. Samuel Moore, CEO of Lingobit Technologies explains, “Lingobit Localizer is a global bulldozer. It knocks down and rips through one of the most difficult and time-consuming obstacles to international markets: the localization process. With its cost-effective localization, its product quality maximization and its speedy time to market, the software's integrated environment provides unparalleled competitive advantages in the global marketplace.”

About Lingobit Localizer

Lingobit Localizer is a software localization tool that helps companies significantly decrease their localization costs, thereby making software localization affordable, even at the small-scale level. Lingobit Localizer supports localization of Win32, .Net and Java applications.

About Lingobit Technologies

Lingobit Technologies is the worldwide leader in localization software. The company assists businesses and individuals across the globe in realizing their full potential.


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