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Lingobit Localizer goes global

Lingobit Localizer is now multilingual with user interface supporting seven most popular languages

New York, NY - July 7, 2006 - Lingobit Technologies, the world's leading provider of localization software, today announced the launch of Lingobit Localizer 4.7. Taking the application's usability to the next level, Lingobit Technologies released multilingual version of their flagship product with user interface available in seven languages including English, German, Japanese, French, Russian, Chinese and Spanish.

Not long ago most companies translated their applications into only two or three languages, often product developer's native language and English. That meant that only few translators were needed and it was common to do translation completely in-house. Nowadays as Internet removes communication barriers and companies translate applications into many languages, it becomes a common practice to engage native translators, proofreaders and testers as external employees. Under these circumstances, it is crucial to provide localization environment for each team member in a native language.

Accepting industry's challenges, Lingobit Technologies flagship product becomes the only localization tool available in seven languages. Every user can work in Lingobit Localizer in a familiar language, which increases productivity and expands number of prospective employee. Multilingual interface of Lingobit Localizer helps find translators, testers and proofreaders, as they do not have to understand English to work efficiently.

According to Lingobit, being the first to offer user interface in so many languages gives enormous advantages to both customers and distributors. "We've been waiting for the Chinese version for a while now"- comments company's distributor in China. "Now, when it is out, we are expecting a significant sales growth in the region, as few of developers here know English language on the appropriate level. What's exciting is that it works both ways: thanks to Lingobit Localizer, software developed in China could expand into new markets overseas.

Lingobit Technologies utilized its own software to make it multilingual. "We decided that the best way to verify whether we are going in the right direction would be to add multiple languages support using our own software." - comments Sam Brokovitch, senior software engineer at Lingobit "Actually, we are proud of the result. We really benefited from the ease of use and efficiency of our product".

In addition to the new version of their localization tool, Lingobit Technologies released a very convenient open-source library. "Using Lingobit library, you can add multi-language user interface to existing MFC-based application in a matter of minutes," says Sam Brokovitch. "You do not even need Lingobit Localizer to use the library, though Lingobit Localizer speeds up translation enormously."

Lingobit Technologies tools for fast and efficient software localization streamline the process giving freedom of choice to everyone involved. No matter what development platform you use or what language you speak, the doors to the world of software localization are now opened, once and forever.

About Lingobit Localizer
Lingobit Localizer is a powerful software localization tool that helps you translate MFC/Win32, Delphi, .NET and Java application into foreign languages. It simplifies and automates localization process, delivers tools to assess quality, manage projects and coordinate participants thus improving efficiency and decreasing localization costs.

With Lingobit Localizer you can translate in-house or delegate localization to your representatives in foreign country or any other company without disclosing a single line of source code! Just create a project, add executable files and send it to them. Lingobit Localizer will allow them to translate application and create localized version without disturbing you. Lingobit Localizer delivers huge productivity gains during localization so you can save both time and money by using it.