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Major update of Lingobit Localizer localization tool

Single localization solution to translate software, websites, and documentation

REDMOND, WA – November 16, 2012: Lingobit Technologies has released new version of its flagship product – Lingobit Localizer 8.0. 

New software localization formats

The latest version brings you support for several most popular development platforms

  • Android strings
  • Apple/NeXT Property List (binary, XML, NeXTSTEP)
  • Silverlight XAP
  • JAR files
  • SIL format

Localization of several platforms was improved

Lingobit engineers worked hard to make localization streamline and easy 

  • XML parser configuration using XPath
  • Parsing of JQuery HTML segments
  • New WPF preview
  • Key grouping for database localization
  • XML localization improved
  • XAML parsing improved (Binding filtering , using element name as ID)

Segmentation is at your service

Now you can utilize the full power of translation reuse technologies and easily exchange data with CAT tools.

  • SRX segmentation rules
  • Segmentation for databases, XML, plain text.

Automatic Translation updated for new API

Lingobit Localizer now supports most recent Translation APIs for Google Translate and Bing Translator

  • Google Translate 2
  • New Bing Translator (using Windows Azure)

Other functionality

Usability and control is everything when you deal with large amount of data.  

  • New status to control merge of translations. Really huge improvement!
  • Find dialog improved
  • XLIFF export/import
  • New validation checks are added
  • Translation Memory improved

Lingobit Localizer empowers users to take back control of the localization process and boost overall productivity by utilizing innovative localization technologies to translate software, product manuals and website .

Pricing and availability

Lingobit Localizer requires Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher. Full featured Enterprise Edition costs $1950 (US), Professional Edition for medium-sized projects costs $1150 (US) and Standard Edition for small localization projects costs $695 (US). One-year maintenance that provides access to all new product releases and upgrades is included in the price. Additional information and free 90-day evaluation copy of Lingobit Localizer is available at

About Lingobit Localizer

Lingobit Localizer is a professional localization tool designed to make software localization easy and painless. It extracts localizable resources from application and makes it easy to translate them. After localization is done Lingobit Localizer creates localized files. For new releases, Lingobit automatically synchronizes translations so you never translate one string twice. The tool offers tools for every stage of localization process such as automatic translations, validation, and translation reuse.

About Lingobit Technologies

Founded in 1997 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Lingobit has gained worldwide recognition as one of the leaders in software localization industry. Company offers software localization and translation solutions, designed to help software companies reach the global marketplace. Lingobit's flagship product, Lingobit Localizer, is a flexible and ease-to-use software localization tool with first-class collaboration capabilities.