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Lingobit  Localizer 6.0: First Localization Tool to Allow Rebranding

REDMOND, WA – April 1, 2009: Lingobit Technologies has released new version of its flagship product – Lingobit Localizer 6.0. New release offers features and enhancements to cut localization costs and increase efficiency, including unique technology for software rebranding.
Rebranding is a product adaptation for a new market. It is very effective instrument to create precisely positioned products, and promote them separately to several target markets. If you consider rebranding for software products it doesn’t require huge investments such as in other industries and therefore can be very efficient instrument. “Innovative technology of Multilingual Rebranding is a new step in evolution of localization tools” says Michael Trent, marketing manager at Lingobit Technologies. “Software rebranding is a very similar task to software localization, and we decided to combine these two processes into one to boost efficiency and increase return on investments”. As result you can configure existing Lingobit Localizer project and create several localized brands with one click.
In addition to multilingual rebranding Lingobit Localizer 6.0 introduces:

  • Support for Java, PHP, Perl, Java Script, Symbian, VBScript, SQL, and Visual Basic localization
  • Support for Right-To-Left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew
  • Terminology pre-translation and consistency validation
  • New Standard Edition – cost effective version for small projects
  • Huge improvements in Delphi and C++ Builder localization  
  • Translation Hints panel that radically simplifies translation reuse  
  • Automatic translation using Google Translate API into more than 40 languages

Furthermore, Lingobit added examples that demonstrate localization of MFC, Delphi, Java and .NET applications using Lingobit Localizer. New examples help evaluate new version and demonstrate best localization practices. Lingobit Localizer 6.0 is immediately available at a company website.

Pricing & Availability
Lingobit Localizer 6.0 requires Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista. Full featured Enterprise Edition costs $1950 (US) or €1450 (EUR), Professional Edition for medium-sized projects costs $1150 (US) or €850 (EUR) and Standard Edition for small localization projects costs $695 (US) or €495(EUR). One-year maintenance that provides access to all new product releases and upgrades is included in price. Competitive upgrade discount and educational discount are available (please refer to for more details). Additional information and free 90-day evaluation copy of Lingobit Localizer are available at

About Lingobit
Technologies Founded in 1997 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Lingobit has gained worldwide recognition as one of the leaders in software localization industry. Company offers software localization and translation solutions, designed to help software companies reach the global marketplace. Lingobit's flagship product, Lingobit Localizer, is a flexible and ease-to-use software localization tool with first-class collaboration capabilities. For more information please visit
Key for evaluation is available upon request.
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