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Localizability testing with Pseudo translate

Localizability testing is an important part of localization preparation. This phase is important because the results here influence the efficiency of the successive stages. Errors missed during this phase might cause significant problems on the next stage.

In Localizability Testing we need to accomplish the following things:

  • Check that UI elements are available for localization.
  • Check whether changing strings length causes errors
  • Research how target language symbols effects the application user interface.

Localizability testing with Pseudo-Translate expertLingobit Localizer significatly helps in localizability testing by delivering Pseudo Translate Expert. Pseudo Translate Expert inserts a language-specific characters (like î â é ô) in all strings across the application, thus making modified text is still readable and one can identify whether an element is within resources. Therefore you won’t have a chance to miss an element while translating.

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