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Exchange Wizard

Echange WizardExchange Wizard ensures effortless collaboration among managers, translators and QA team. This tool allows to prepare and send localization kit to team members and then integrate results into the project.

First, a manager uses Exchange Wizard to create a localization kit. Localization kit is composed of a project file and or of a project file with Lingobit Localizer Translator. As a project file includes all the information translator need, it is not necessary to send source code to translator. Free Lingobit Localizer Translator radically reduces license fees and prevents translator or tester from unintentionally changing non-localizable or protected resources.

Translators work in a free Lingobit Localizer Translator.

When localization manager receives translated localization kit from translator, he uses Exchange Wizard to integrate it into the project. Lingobit Localizer automatically synchronizes changes and you don't have to stop development waiting for translation to complete.

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