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Translation Memory for Sofware Localization


Translation memory allows you to boost software localization productivity and increase localization quality. It stores source text and corresponding translations for one or more target languages.

You can use Translation Memories in several ways for localization in Lingobit Localizer

  • Translate whole project automatically using existing Translation Memory
  • Use Translation Hints panel to lookup translation matches in Translation Memory.
  • Automatically check translations for Translation Memory consistency using Validation Tool
  • Export project into TMX file and translate it using external CAT tool.
  • Import Translation Memory to leverage existing translations
  • Export Translation Memory if you need to ensure translation consistency for documentation and other software localization projects.

Download Translation Memory

There are a lot of translation memories available for download:

Microsoft UI Translations

Translations of the user interface text (UI strings) for Microsoft products and services are available for subscribers to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). Download page

DGT-Translation Memory

European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation Translation Memory for the Acquis Communautaire. Download page

ECDC-Translation Memory

European Union (EU) agency 'European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control' (ECDC) translation memory. Download page

EAC-Translation Memory

European Union's (EU) Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) translation memory. Download page