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In Brief

Lingobit Technologies was founded in 1997 in St. Petersburg, Russia by two software professionals. Conceived as an outsourcing provider that specializes in software localization services, the company later began developing its own in-house software localization tools.

In 2002, the company focused on developing localization software for the global marketplace. In 2003 Lingobit Technologies released the first version of its flagship product – Lingobit Localizer. This full-featured software localization solution quickly gained global markets due to the ease of use and build-in first-class collaboration tools. Right now Lingobit Technologies is the worldwide leader in localization software, operating offices in Redmond, WA, USA and St.Petersburg, Russia. The company assists businesses and individuals across the globe in realizing their full potential with the product that significantly decreases localization costs and makes software localization affordable even for smaller companies.

More info

Lingobit Technologies is an Independent Software Vendor intended to provide first-class software for the localization industry. Our software localization and translation suite, designed to help software companies to reach the global marketplace

When Lingobit Technologies began to develop its own localization tool, there were already many market players. Generally, however, they all focused on localization functionality. In contrast, Lingobit Technologies decided to focus on localization efficiency. The company wanted to develop an environment that would allow it to decrease the time and cost involved in the localization process and that would enable precise risk management.

“By 1998 we understood there were no adequate localization tools for the tasks at hand, we simply had to design a better solution” – Samuel Moore reminds.

As such, Samuel and his colleagues embarked on a quest for a better software localization tool.

Lingobit Localizer, which was first released to the public in 2003, was born of that intensive development phase.  

Lately Lingobit Technologies is focused on forming strong partnerships with outstanding companies worldwide to create a partner network that can effectively deliver all elements of a complete Software Localization solution. 

Moore comments: “We understand that no single company - regardless of size, reputation, or service - can effectively supply all aspects of a customer solution”

The company is actively working on future projects that will help realize our vision of a better localization environment.


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