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TsiLang Localization

Lingobit Localizer can boost your productivity if you need to localize TsiLang application.

First you need to create new Lingobit project. Select original language, and target languages for localization. Then add your .SIL files into Lingobit Localizer project. If you have only .SIB files, you can convert them to .SIL by using TsiLang SIL Editor (File>Export command).

After it translate your application strings to target languages. You can use Tools>Translate Using>Google Translator to do it automatically.

When translation is ready, click Create Localized command and select all languages. Localized .SIL file with all selected languages will be created at Localized subfolder of your original file localization.

Localized .SIL file contains translated strings for all languages you selected in Create Localized command. Now it is ready to be used in your localized TsiLang application.