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Java Localization using Resource Bundles

Lingobit Localizer is a software localization tool for Java applications, aimed to make collaboration with external translators smooth and efficient.

From now on,all technical details are hidden behind intuitive and easy to learn interface. State of the art automated tools for QA, translation reuse and project management guarantee high productivity and outstanding quality. Lingobit Localizer Java localization tool radically simplifies software translation, inspiring even small businesses and individuals to localize their applications.

How it works

Java localization using resource bunldes and .properties filesLingobit Localizer works with Resource Bundles, the most popular way to localize Java applications. When using this approach all localizable information is stored in .properties files. Lingobit Localizer translates these files into other languages. For example, file will be translated into

  • for German,
  • for French
  • for Spanish.

Typical resource bundle file looks like file

and the code to load string for specific locale

ResourceBundle myResources =
  ResourceBundle.getBundle("MyResources", currentLocale);
button1 = new Button(myResources.getString("OkKey"));
button2 = new Button(myResources.getString("CancelKey"));

How to extract strings to Resource Bundle files

Extract Java strings to resource bunldes (.properties) filesIf you have a lot of hard-coded strings in your application you can use Lingobit Extractor that automates this task. It automatically extracts source code strings to .properties files and replaces them with a code to load resources at runtime. That means that you can prepare your application for localization in a couple of hours.

After you extracted all strings to resource bundles, you can easily check your application using Pseudo-translate and view which strings are altered and which are not. If your application crashed after Pseudo Translate you can isolate translation causing error using Crash Finder.

After you extracted all strings to resource bundle files your application is ready for localization. You can now create a project and start translation process.

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