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Localization Testing

Localization translates the product UI and occasionally changes some initial settings to make it suitable for another region. Localization testing checks the quality of a product's localization for a particular target culture/locale. This test is based on the results of globalization testing, which verifies the functional support for that particular culture/locale. Localization testing can be executed only on the localized version of a product. Localizability testing does not test for localization quality.

The test effort during localization testing focuses on:

  • Areas affected by localization, such as UI and content
  • Culture/locale-specific, language-specific, and region-specific areas

In addition, localization testing should include:

  • Basic functionality tests
  • Setup and upgrade tests run in the localized environment
  • Plan application and hardware compatibility tests according to the product's target region.

You can select any language version of Windows 2000 as a platform for the test. However, you must install the target language support.

The localization testing of the user interface and linguistics should cover items such as:

  • Validation of all application resources
  • Verification of linguistic accuracy and resource attributes
  • Typographical errors
  • Consistency checking of printed documentation, online help, messages, interface resources, command-key sequences, etc.
  • Confirmation of adherence to system, input, and display environment standards
  • User interface usability
  • Assessment of cultural appropriateness
  • Checking for politically sensitive content

When shipping a localized product, ensure that localized documentation (manuals, online help, context help, etc.) is included. Items to check include:

  • The quality of the translation
  • The completeness of the translation
  • Terminology is used consistently in all documents and application UI