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Registration FAQ

How to register Lingobit Localizer after purchase?

After processing your order you'll receive temporary key. Temporary key removes all trial limitations and allows you to start using any Lingobit Localizer functionality immediately. This key will expire in 30 days after installation.

To install temporary key you need to go to Start\All Programs\Lingobit Localizer\Lingobit Localizer Registration and enter it into the Key field. After that you'll see the following message: “Key is valid and has been stored.”

Please, register Lingobit Localizer at Help\Request Permanent key menu to receive permanent key.

How to upgrade Lingobit Localizer free of charge?

If you bought Lingobit Localizer less than year ago, you can upgrade it to the latest version free of charge. Install the latest Lingobit Localizer from, then open Help\About dialog and click Request Upgrade Key button.

Is it possible to install Lingobit Localizer on several computers?

Yes, but with some limitations of Single User License. One registered copy may be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or it may be installed on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by more than one person, but not both. Please, contact us if you need to make several installations.