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Lingobit Localizer

Benefits for Developers

Using Lingobit Localizer is the easiest way to create multilingual applications. We provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies making localization as convenient as it could be.

Get Ready for Localization

Run automated localizability testing before translation starts. Ensure that all UI elements are separated from source-code in resources and check how your application looks with foreign characters. Now even testers can do these tiresome tasks.

Leave Translation for Translator

Provide translators with easy to use and intuitive interface, which hides technical details. Create localization kits for smooth interaction with translators. You don?t have to disclose the source-code as your localization kit contains all the information translators need.

Employ Binary Localization

Make no changes to a source code. You can start localization right now as Lingobit Localizer deals with resources directly in executable files (.exe or .dll). No recompiling is required and you can produce localized application in one click.

Gain Full Control over the Process

Keep track of translation progress using detailed statistic. Enjoy powerful automatic QA to find and fix common localization errors like incorrect format string or truncated strings in dialogs. Re-use translations on new release of your software; only new or modified content has to be translated.

Integrate into the Building Process

Integrate localization into a product building process using command-line interface.


What's new in v9.0

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