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Benefits for Translators

Step into the new market and provide your clients with the best localization experience. Lingobit Localizer offers everything you might need for success. Lingobit Localizer requires no technical skills as the product offers intuitive and user-friendly interface. Automated tools for many routine tasks reduce time and costs spent on translation.

Discover New Market

As localization market grows each year, professional localization solutions inspire more and more companies to go into software translation.� Now it is easier than ever because neither special technical skills nor access to a source code is required. You just create a new project, add application?s executable files to it and then Lingobit Localizer extracts all necessary localization resources. In a matter of minutes, application is ready for translation.

Intuitive User Interface

Lingobit Localizer has been designed with users in mind and built from their point of view. This means you have to spend just a couple of hours to learn how the software works before starting to take localization orders. Lingobit is easy to use and has visual editors for menus, dialogs, forms and other resources.

Translation Accuracy

Even the best translators make mistakes when working with repetitive strings for hours. Such mistakes as a missing dot at the end of a string or an incorrect shortcut in a menu are common. Validation Expert in Lingobit Localizer finds most localization mistakes improving quality and saving translator's time.

Translation Re-use

With Lingobit Localizer, you can leverage on the previous work by using Scan for Changes and Translation Memory. Use Translation Memory to import or export translations from other projects or tools, and Scan For Changes for updating project when releasing new version.

No Source Code

Lingobit Localizer allows to create a localized application without external assistance. This means you can run localized application right away and check for possible inconsistencies. Meanwhile the technical side of translation process is hidden behind well thought-out graphical interface and you do not have to worry about breaking code consistency.

Easy Information Exchange

Lingobit Localizer provides ideal environment for effective interaction among translators, managers and QA team.


What's new in v9.0

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