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Benefits for Managers

Lingobit Localizer is a powerful and flexible solution designed to manage localization projects and control translation progress. The software provides seamless interaction among developers, translators and testers, and radically increases productivity by automating most common tasks.

Better Collaboration

Lingobit Localizer increases efficiency with a solid collaboration environment. Translation tasks are distributed via self-extracting localization kits that contain a project file and special edition of Lingobit Localizer for translators. It contains everything a translator might need, down to the ability to create localized files.

Automated Quality Assurance

Unique QA tools help to detect errors on early stages, decreasing cost of fixing them later and dramatically increasing quality of translation. After most common localization errors have been automatically detected, a translator or a tester can locate and fix the translations that cause these errors without any assistance from developers.

Productivity Boost

Instead of going through extensive training, your team is ready to start right away because no special technical skills are required for a translator or a tester. As all the work is done in a WYSIWYG editor, it is easy for a translator to do such tasks as adjusting controls to fit translated text. This results in a more efficient workflow and reduces localization expenses.

Reduced Translation Time

With Lingobit Localizer, your team can leverage on the previous work by using Translation Memory - the industry standard for exchanging translations. Translation Memory speed up localization and improves translations consistency across projects.

Parallel Development & Localization

You can start localization before application is completely ready to ship because localization and development activities can be done in parallel. After a consequent update of software, only the new content has to be translated. It allows to ship application in multiple languages simulteneously.

Control Over the Process

Lingobit Localizer offers exceptional project management and monitoring tools that let you gain full control over the localization process. You can monitor a translation state of each element with a powerful statuses management system, while status filtering and statistics keep you informed of overall project?s progress. Build-in version control system can compare projects and helps tracking changes between versions.

Minimized Risks

It is extremely important to apply extensive testing before localization starts as errors missed here might cause significant problems in succeeding stages. You can use Lingobit localizability testing tools to detect problems automatically on the early stage. Lingobit Localizer checks whether the application is compatible with accented, East-Asian and Arabic characters, test runs your localized application and locates translations that trigger errors.

What's new in v9.0

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