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Updating localized application

Scan for changes

Once you localize your software, it is much easier to translate further updates. Lingobit Localizer leverages your previous work so only new and changed resources require translation.

How it works

Merge translations into new version

Scan for Changes compares two versions of resources (from the previous release and the new one) and detects new, changed, removed and equal elements. It copies translations for equal and changed resources, removes translations of missing elements. So you should only translate new elements and check translations of changed elements.

Merge translationsThese elements can be easily found by status: when only approximate competence can be done, elements get ?Updated? status while new elements from the most recent release get ?New? status. After checking ?Updated? elements and translating ?New? elements, you are ready to distribute new localized release.

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What's new in v9.0

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